Treat our rice during all its phases.
There is no other way for us.
Tenuta Margherita - Rice since 1904


From the beginning, one thing was clear for us: in order to offer our customers the best possible rice, we had to aim for the closure of the supply chain.
Only in this way can we be sure that the attention we put into our work is present at every moment throughout year.
Our unyielding idea of ​​creating something unique has always been what drives us to focus on a special product.

Time flows equally for all men. And every man floats in time in a different way.

(Manuel Neila)

The agricultural supply chain starts at the end of February

with the preparation of the land: we must work quickly in the 300 hectares of the estate in order to make sure that everything is ready when the new season arrives.

In mid-April, we begin flooding the rice fields and sowing in water.

It is during this period that the countryside all around becomes that famous checkered sea, thanks to which Tenuta Margherita is transformed into an island surrounded by water.

In the summer months, we witness the maturation of our rice.

Slowly, the blue colored rice fields start turning green and then a magnificent golden yellow.

From mid-September to the end of October, over 2000 tons are harvested and brought directly to our dryers.

At the end of November, the processing of rice begins. This stage of processing rough rice (paddy rice), slower and more delicate, makes it possible to obtain a more complete and integral grain in its nutritive properties, and represents the real distinctive feature of Margherita rice.



The rough rice is harvested in September and then discharged directly into our modern dryers, where thanks to the most advanced technologies the humidity is lowered gradually and uniformly.
At this point the rice is left to “rest” for about forty-five days inside our silos, then it is ready to be processed, 15 tons at a time to guarantee that our rice is consistently fresh.
The processed rice that comes out of the rice mill is then ready to be packaged.

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