From a dark grain, only the best rice
Tenuta Margherita - Rice since 1904


The rough rice, or paddy rice, enters our rice mill after being stored in the silos for about 60 days. After several stages of processing, the brown rice undergoes only 2 processing stages within our Minghetti “Amburgo” conical whitening machines.
The rice, thanks to this old method of processing, is only caressed, thus keeping intact all the organoleptic and nutritional properties.
Every grain that comes out of our rice mill is superior in every single way.

  • Rough rice (paddy rice) harvested – 2000 tons per year
  • 12h Drying > 50 Ton
  • Storage in our silos – up to 12 months
  • 18 meticulously controlled processing stages
  • Packaging within the company

The dark red color of our machines can not go unnoticed, almost to underline the fundamental role and their crucial importance in this phase of processing: when the brown rice reaches the whitening machines, it begins to be worked gently and slowly; the grains are only “caressed”, thus keeping intact all their elements.
Through this slight abrasion, the germ remains naturally attached to the grain and the rice takes on an amber color.

The germ represents the true vital center of rice, a source of great nutritional content contained especially in all in the outer layers and a guarantee of great quality.
The importance of its amber color, however, lies within the quality of the grain itself, as this is actually more intact and uniform, and therefore more natural and healthier at the same time, withholding its texture and firmness.


In every company, countless paths intersect, made up of people, moments, gestures and impressions.
Here at Tenuta Margherita, those paths all lead to one goal, to make the best of our work. Only in this way is it possible to understand the care and attention we give to the key moment of our supply chain:

When our rice leaves the estate, it always manages to satisfy the demands of a market that seeks both the quality in every single grain and the genuineness of a product that reaches our table, without forgetting the safety of its origin and last but not least, the goodness of a superior-quality rice.

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